Who is Legacy 4 Life?
Legacy 4 Life is a group of 100% volunteers that is helping improve the life of children with cancer and their families. The children we help come from very low income families and require our support to continue the medical treatment of their children.

Legacy Parents... are the most special part of our organization. These are parents who have lost their child to cancer and offer invaluable support to other parents who are going through similar struggles that they had to endure. Their support may define the outcome of another family's future.


Legacy Ambassadors... are our every day support group. They help with a complete array of activities such as organizing events, spreading the word, getting sponsors and a series of other much needed tasks to promote our cause.

Legacy 4 Life provides simple ways to make a difference. You may choose to express giving by creating awareness, or engaging with your time, talents or financial gift... opportunities to contribute are limitless when you impart the GIFT of who YOU are into the lives of others.

We invite YOU to help us shine a bright light in this world by providing hope to children and families fighting with cancer...

  A Legacy 4 Life anyone can achieve!!!  
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